Samstag, 23. August 2014

Bone's ESP.cs v0.1

Hey, i made this little Bone's ESP... Ist's a Beta version so if you find a Bug or have a Suggestion
pls let me know :)

Enable/Disable-Type: BONE

Made by Monstercat(Me) 
Opcode helped me with some Crash Fixes and the Polygon...

Download: Klick

Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2014

GTA:SA Multiprocess by bartek0v0

This tool allows you to run multiple instances of GTA San Andreas.

Available options in configuration file (fixes.ini):


ALLOW_MULTIPROCESS - sets multiprocess mode
NO_FREEZE - sets no freeze mode (not working when window is minimized)
WINDOWED - sets windowed mode
HD_MOUSE - enables high definition mouse input (resolves problem with bugged mouse on Windows 7/8)

Put devobj.dll and fixes.ini in the GTA San Andreas installation directory.

If this won't work for you, follow these steps:

1. Make sure you have installed CLEO or any ASI loader.
2. Rename devobj.dll to devobj.asi
3. Start the game.

So now you may ask if this will work with SA-MP. The answer is: YES. You can connect to the server multiple times or play on different servers at the same time. Just decrease your resolution in gta, set window mode in fixes.ini and connect to the server twice (remember to change nickname). Now you can play with yourself...

- fixed issue where changing resolution while playing SA:MP in window mode caused switch to full screen
- fixed issue where GTA might not load sfc.dll when MTA is installed, ported to -> devobj.dll


[REL] Ivy ENB June - GTA San Andreas - SAMP

Nice ENB by DreadfulWinters

Download: Klick

[ASI] IDE DD Tweaker for GTA San Andreas

Well... what this does is increases the render distance on objects such as; trees, boxes, dumpsters, etc.

Download: Klick

[ASI] Waterfix for GTA San Andreas / SAMP

A wonderful fix for the ENB Water in SAMP. Just make sure you're running any ENB version and toggle water on! Also this is incompatible with 'flickr.asi'.

Download: Klick